The actress remembered how she tried to get her colleague to work in the picture.

The other day the presentation of the book of memoirs by Sharon Stone “The beauty of life twice” took place. The publication has already made a lot of noise because of the revelations that the actress decided on. She touched in her memoirs and some films with her participation, which became famous and loved by the audience. So, as it turned out, Leonardo DiCaprio could not get a role in the movie “The Fast and the Dead”, if not for the help of Sharon.

In this original western directed by Sam Raimi, Stone takes on the role of a cowboy woman who bravely confronts the brutal leader of a provincial town. The actress still remembers DiCaprio’s audition well, although many years have passed – the premiere of the tape took place in 1995.

“This guy named Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one who auditioned,” Stone writes in the book.

The actress was impressed by the talent of the young colleague, but TriStar Pictures refused to accept him into the cast. The creators of the tape motivated their own decision by the fact that, despite the premiere of “Titanic”, Leonardo was still little known in the work, and they did not want to risk it.

“The studio said that if I need him so badly, then I can pay him out of my salary. I did just that, ”Stone said.

The actress also claims that she had to struggle to keep Sam Raimi on the project because the director’s past films such as Evil Dead and Army of Darkness have left the studio doubting his talent.