The new wax statue of Ariana Grande in Madame Tussauds does not appeal to everyone. On social media, fans complain that the picture is not at all like the 25-year-old singer.

They are not particularly enthusiastic about the face. They are “greatly disappointed” and some even find it “offensive”. “I hate Ariana’s new wax image. It’s not her face. She deserves more respect,” says one of the responses to the image that was recently revealed. Another writes: “Tell the wax statue that it gets out of the way so I can see Ariana.” Her skin is said to be much paler than in reality, and her eyebrows are also wrong, according to fans. The outfit, an oversized sweater with knee-length black boots, could count on positive responses.

The world star also has a wax image in Amsterdam. In April 2017, Madame Tussauds was the first in the world to turn the singer into a double.