Rapper Kanye West (41) is the first guest in the new season of ‘David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ and had remarkable news to report about his argument with colleague Drake (32). 

“An artist that I will not mention, because I cannot mention him or his relatives … Well, we had a small fight last year,” it sounded in the first episode of “David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which will be on Netflix from 31 May. Although he doesn’t mention Drake by name, we can assume that it is about the Canadian rapper, because West continues: “He has this text that I love that says:” I told my story and wrote history “: he wrote his story and wrote history. We do that: we tell our story and listeners develop a bond with it. “He adds:” I have a friend who told me that my strength is my influence. And I said that my strength is my ability not to be influenced. ”The text quoted by West comes from Drake’s song ‘Hotline Bling’. 

It is not really clear whether West may not mention Drake for legal reasons, or whether he imposes that rule on himself. What is clear is that the two rappers made quite a fight last year. For example, Kanye West let himself go completely on Twitter and he asked Drake to apologize after that Kim Kardashian, West’s wife, started to follow on social media. He was also angry because Drake in the song “In My Feelings” would refer to an affair with Kim and never really clarified. Drake would have played Travis Scott again on the song ‘SICKOMODE’ to West, who would have told another rapper (Pusha T) about Drake’s secret son. At the moment, however, the dust seems to lie again between the two rappers.