The creation of films about past eras should be approached with full responsibility, even if it is a remake of a cartoon. Studio Disney ignored this principle, for which it paid: Chinese viewers were unhappy with the debut trailer “Mulan”.

As it turned out, in a minute and a half video, users noticed a historical inaccuracy, which not everyone wanted to turn a blind eye. According to the legend on which the cartoon of the same name was founded, Hua Mulan was born in the fifth century in northern China. The audience turned their attention to the fact that in the movie trailer the heroine lives in the so-called “tulou” – a round mud-brick house, which at that time could not be in the northern region of the country. First, such buildings were distributed only in southeastern China, in the province of Fujian, and secondly, they began to be built a thousand years after the events of the film.

“Disney should not be so careless and think that once the shoes are beautiful, Mulan can simply live in them. She is not from Fujian! The creators seemed to think: “Oh, this element is really Chinese, so oriental, so I will insert it into the film, so that everyone knows that it is very Chinese”, ”complained the Internet users. They noted that the remake is trying to please the American audience and at the same time has disrespect for other cultures and people. Given that one mistake has angered a lot of viewers, one can only guess how they will relate to the film as a whole.

Russian viewers will be able to compare the game remake with the original cartoon from March 26, 2020.