Three users of the Facebook Messenger app yesterday started a case against Facebook. They say the social network has violated their privacy by collecting data from their phone calls and messages.

The case was filed in a federal court in the northern district of California. The claimants are challenging the case on behalf of all affected users. Facebook has not responded yet. The company admitted last Sunday that it had collected telephone data and other data from users, but only with Android users who had allowed it in their settings. The company said it had not collected content from calls or messages and that data was not resold to third parties.


Facebook became discredited last week after it became known that the data of more than 50 million users were on the streets. The Cambridge Analytica company used the data to influence elections worldwide. Users placed angry messages under the hashtag  #DeleteFacebook. 

Investors also complained to the company after the share of Facebook fell sharply in value as a result of the fuss. In one week time, it lost more than 10 percent; $ 51 billion to be exact. CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized on behalf of the company and will soon testify before the American parliament about the scandal.