The campaign launched by the Secretary of State for Equal Opportunity, Zuhal Demir, against street harassment can not be broadcast via Facebook. The social network has refused because of the rude words we hear, said Ms. Demir on “twitter”.

The campaign aims to denounce sexual intimidation on the street. Witnesses of these behaviors are encouraged to intervene by denouncing the offender.

In 2012, the documentary “Woman of the Street” Sofie Peeters highlighted the issue of sexual intimidation in the heart of Brussels. Five years later, six out of ten women have already been targeted in the street, according to a European survey.

This new campaign must raise awareness of the problem and encourage witnesses to take action.

“It’s time to tell the witnesses and the attackers: let’s finish! This is usually enough to put an end to these inappropriate behaviors, “said Demir Friday morning during a press conference. “The victims rarely dare to rebel because they are too shocked to say anything. ”

The campaign will feature radio spots, video clips for social networks and posters for public transport.