The last communication with the device is Wednesday morning. An Argentine military submarine, with 44 crew members on board, is actively sought after on Friday, November 17, the Argentine Navy announced. He has been missing for 48 hours while sailing in the Atlantic. “We have not yet been able to find it or have any contact, visual or radar, with the submarine Ara San Juan , whose usual port of call is the naval base of Mar del Plata”, said at the time. press conference Enrique Balbi, spokesperson for the Navy. He called for “being cautious” because “we do not know what happened, I do not want to dramatize this case” .

The submarine left ten days ago from Mar del Plata, a town 400 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, to reach Ushuaia (3,200 kilometers to the south), where it spent three days before starting the journey. back.

Communication problems ?

Friday afternoon, the searches, with the help of a plane, were launched, but they gave nothing because “they took place at night and in bad weather conditions in the zone of operations” , according to the spokesperson. A destroyer and two corvettes also participate in the research, conducted off the Peninsula Valdez (southeast).

One of the hypotheses envisaged is a communication problem: “There may have been a problem of batteries, due to a lack of power supply,” says Enrique Balbi, denying press reports referring to a fire and stating that the submarine, in noting the breakage of contact with the ground, would normally have had to go back to the surface, according to the planned protocol.