Jason Alexander, the man to whom Britney Spears (39) was married for 55 hours, was recently arrested for drunk driving. Jason also had drugs with him, reports the ‘New York Post’. He is now free again and must report to court on April 30.

Childhood friends Britney and Jason gave each other the yes in 2004 during a wild weekend in Las Vegas. When the two were sober after their impulsive splurge, the singer immediately asked for the marriage to be annulled.

Even though flash marriage has been behind them for years, Jason still seems to care about his ex-wife. Last summer, he was spotted at a Free Britney fan demonstration. Since her mental breakdown in 2008, the singer has been under the supervision of her father Jamie both financially and personally, something the singer wants to get rid of. Jason also advocates for his ex’s ‘freedom’. “She really wants to regain control of her own life. And she deserves it. She has been locked up long enough,” he said during the demonstration.