Sylvia Geersen wants to divorce her husband Rogelio Castro Martinez, but he refuses to sign the papers. On social media he pretends that their relationship is not over. “He places old photographs of us and calls me the love of his life.”


“In the meantime, I get emails with Bible texts from him every day:” You’re my wife, God is giving you to me. ” According to him, there is a curse on me, because a woman of God always stays with her husband “, according to the 32-year-old model.

Geersen was however very unhappy with her husband. “He turned out to be very different from what he had happened, it is a religious fanatic, each talk was about God and Jesus, and I myself am religious too, so all respect, but he is not my priest.”

Geersen married Martinez in January 2016, eleven days after the two had met in real life. Before that they had already had contact via social media. It soon became apparent that Martinez had lied about his life. “He was married to me under false pretenses, I had to sleep on a mattress on the ground, but I was still in love and forgiven his lies.”


The model wanted to leave her husband, but became pregnant. “Not much later they found out in the hospital that the heart had stopped beating, so sadly, I soon got pregnant again, this time from twins, which also ended in a miscarriage in 2017.”

“I’ve been depressed by the miscarriages I’ve had: I’ve been in bed for a year, my body was upset and mentally I was through it,” says Geersen, who says she has recently started riding again. to have.