Two former bodyguards of Johnny Depp have filed a complaint against the actor. According to them, Depp is guilty of not paying out overtime, paying out salaries too late and carrying out unlawful cases.


In documents that E! News, states that the employees were exposed to unsafe work situations. In addition, they would mainly have been deployed as babysitters and drivers for Depp, his children and his entourage.

The papers would say that a number of high bosses at the Los Angeles police had to protect the actor against himself, because of his ‘dark’ sides. The two ex-bodyguards claim that they had to drag Depp several times from night clubs, because he was completely under the influence of all kinds of substances.

The bodyguards worked for Depp through the company Premier Group International. When the actor got financial problems in 2016, they joined him to provide him with active protection. The problems started to pile up from that moment on, according to the ex-employees.

Depp would never have paid overtime during the period from May 2016 to January 2018. There were also no meals or rest periods in a twelve-hour working day.