March 3 star couple – Jenna Devon and Channing Tatum shocked the public with unexpected news: the couple decided to divorceafter nine years of marriage. The actors reported this in their social networks, publishing farewell letters in which they indicated that they were leaving friends.

Journalists argue that Channing Tatum and Jenna Devan have long been out on the public together. The pair decided to leave long before the official announcement.

Jenna Devan allegedly initiated a divorce. In the Western media, it is rumored that Jenna and Channing had different priorities in life: Jenna wanted to stay at home with her daughter and devote herself to the family, and Channing was focused on a career and preferred to spend time outside the house. Perhaps this also somehow could affect the relationship of the couple. In addition, as claimed insiders of Western media, the gap is also associated with Tatum alcoholism. Interrupted by a series of guesses, the actress decided, saying that the use of alcoholic drinks did not contribute to their disintegration with Chenninga marriage.

I am glad to clarify that absolutely none of these rumors is true. The reason that the application for divorce was positive was because everything was actually good
reported representative of Jenna Devon.