The Indonesian authorities have evacuated people who live close to the Merapi volcano. The Java volcano erupted early this morning, spewing sand, rock and ash up to 5500 meters high into the air.

Also the airport of Yogyakarta was temporarily closed due to the spread of volcanic ash.

The emergency response service arranged shelter for people living within a radius of five kilometers around the volcano. 120 people have also been brought to safety who were walking at the volcano. As far as we know, there are no victims.

Images have appeared on Twitter showing the eruption of the volcano.


The Merapi volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. In 2010 , more than 300 people died from multiple outbreaks.

This time there was a so-called phreatic eruption, an explosive eruption where no lava is released, but water vapor and rock. Such an eruption is caused by the fact that magma comes into contact with ground or surface water.

For the time being, no new outbursts are expected. The alarm status is therefore not increased. Residents are called to stay calm and wear masks when they go outside.