Actress Eva Longoria (45) has apologized for a comment she made in an interview in which she wanted to explain the difference between the voting behavior of black women and Latinas during the US presidential election.

“My wording was not clear and I regret that very much”

In conversation with the American channel MSNBC, Eva was asked what the impact of Latinas was on the recent presidential elections.ย The actress replied that “women of color showed up in droves. In Georgia we’ve seen what black women have done, but Latinas are the real heroines because they voted more than men in every state.”

It drew her criticism on social media because people felt she was downplaying the impact of black women.ย Eva therefore apologized on Twitter and wrote that she had worded it wrong.ย “When I said that Latinas were the real heroines in this election, I meant that they voted more and more progressively than Latinos,” she writes in her statement.ย “My wording was not clear and I regret that very much.”

According to Eva, black women are “the backbone of the democratic party” and they no longer need to feel undervalued.ย “Nothing more than love and support for black women around the world. You deserve a standing ovation.”