The network has the first full trailer for the new ninth season of the series “American Horror Story” with the laconic name “1984”.

This time, the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, decided to beat the theme of slashers from the 80s and 90s. Judging by the style of the video, the audience is waiting for a crossover from Friday the 13th and I know what you did last summer. In the center of the plot there will be trainers from a fitness club who are sent to the Redwood summer camp, where the bloodthirsty maniac Mr. Jingle is working. It is easy to guess that the young guys will not have time to rest, they will have to struggle for their own lives with all their might.

This is the place of the worst summer massacre of all time,

– says one of the characters in the trailer.

The main characters in the new season will be played by Cody Fern, Emma Roberts, Billy Lourdes, Gus Kenworth, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Angelica Ross and Matthew Morrison. To the dismay of franchise fans, Evan Peters flatly refused to star in a new horror story. And Sarah Paulson, another permanent participant in the anthology, will appear only in a cameo. Currently, the actress is busy in another Ryan Murphy series – “Sister Ratched,” the prequel to the tape “Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”