The honeymoon at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is still in full swing. The actor, who married Lauren a week and a half ago, had hired a restaurant in Hawaii for a date. The two greatly enjoyed each other, but especially their privacy.

“Once in a while it’s wonderful not to be in the spotlight for a moment”

It took some getting used to for 47-year-old Dwayne not to be disturbed by fans during dinner. “It has been decades (literally) since I was able to sit undisturbed in the middle of a restaurant and eat, drink, watch TV, relax and enjoy my company,” writes the actor with a photo of his dinner on Instagram.

Dwayne, who is the highest paid actor of the past year with a salary of $ 89.4 million, does not complain about his fame. “Because I would not want to go back to 7 dollars a day as an alternative, but once in a while it is wonderful not to be in the spotlight for a moment.”