Canadian actress Ellen Page said she felt “raped” by the comments of director Brett Ratner, who blames her for exposing her homosexuality to her peers when she was 18 years old.

In a long Facebook post on Friday , Page alleged that Ratner suggested to a woman sitting next to her to have sex with the Halifax-based artist “to make her realize she’s gay.”

Ellen Page claims that the incident happened in 2006 during a pre-production meeting between the actors and the film crew of the film X-Men: The Last Stand , which Brett Ratner directed.

The actress says she was not out of the closet at the time. She announced her homosexuality in 2014 in a speech at a conference on human rights.

Ellen Page explains that she knew deep inside her that she was gay, but she had never talked about it before.

She says to be “raped” by these comments.

“This man, who directed me for this film, began our months of shooting with this horrible and undisputed request in a work context,” she lamented.

“He took me out of the closet without thinking of my well-being, a gesture we all recognize as homophobic. I then witnessed him on the set that said degrading things to women. ”

The actress from Winnipeg, Anna Paquin, who was also in this film, seconded the allegations of her former colleague.

“I was there when this comment was made. I’m behind you, “she wrote on Twitter Friday.

Brett Ratner faces several allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge is among the alleged victims.

Ratner has denied all allegations. A representative of the director could not be reached to comment on Ellen Page’s comments.

“To shame, someone on who they are represents cruel manipulation, designed to oppress and repress. I was stolen from my autonomy on my ability to define myself, “she continued in her message.

Other bad experiences

The actress also shared several other bad experiences in the film industry.

She says she was sexually assaulted by a member of a film crew. She also claims to have been asked by a director to “sleep with a man in his late twenties and talk to them about it”.

“I did not do it. That’s just what happened when I was 16, as a teenager in the film industry, “she said.

Ellen Page also wrote that her participation in a Woody Allen movie was “one of the greatest regrets of her life”.

Woody Allen was charged with raping his adoptive daughter with Mia Farrow, Dylan. He had been investigated, but he was never charged and has consistently denied the allegations.

“I am ashamed for doing that. I had not found my voice yet and I was not who I am now. I felt pressure, because “of course, you have to say yes to a Woody Allen movie,” she said.

“But ultimately, it’s my choice to figure out what movie I’m doing, and I made a bad choice. I made a horrible mistake. “