Ellen DeGeneres (62) is currently in a difficult position. The American talk show host has been accused on all sides of, among other things, creating an unhealthy and unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace. The only way to get rid of the problem seems to stop her show, but even that’s a tough one.

“Producer Warner Media has put hundreds of millions of dollars into this deal with her”

According to The Daily Mail, Ellen has told her producers she wants to quit her talk show. “She feels she can’t go on and the only way to restore her image is to cancel the show,” said an insider. “The truth is, she knew what was going on behind the scenes. She’s responsible. She can blame any conceivable producer, but Ellen is ultimately to blame.”

Sources of Page Six report, however, that quitting the show is not easy. “Producer Warner Media has put hundreds of millions of dollars into this deal with her. If they decide she has to get out – which it probably looks like – they will have a big problem. Moreover, she would never leave with a damaged image.”

The other problem according to the source is that there is simply no substitute  to host the Ellen DeGeneres Show . Ellen has another contract that obliges her to continue making the daily talk show through 2022.

On Friday, Ellen herself responded to the issue in a memo to her staff and apologized. “On the first day we started I told everyone that The Ellen DeGeneres Show had to be a happy, fun place to work. A place where no one raises their voices and everyone is treated with respect. Apparently something went wrong there, I am very disappointed. I am very sorry. Everyone who knows me knows that I always have something good in mind. “

“I relied on others to keep the day-to-day business under control, but unfortunately some have not kept to that. What I have learned most recently is that people who work with and for me also go out on behalf of Speak to me, that must end.