Edgar Ramirez says” I am Frustrated, I am Devastated”

Edgar Ramirez from Vanezuela shared a open letter on Instagram about the ravaging affect of Covid-19 on his loved ones.
A virtual discussion wass shared by Edgar Ramirez for days back which he had with Dr. Anthony Fauci about Covid-19 and discussed the importance of Vaccines in Combating the pandemic for saving lives. Edgar Ramirez had this discussion after one of his Grandmother death due to Corona Virus.

When this discussion with Dr. Fauci was posted by Ramirez about the details that how Covid continued to devastate his family in his native land Venezuela, as His uncle Guillermo was “barely Stable” after hospitalization of month and fate of her Aunt Lucy hung in the balance. Remirez wrote “I’m only hoping for a miracle to save my Aunt Lucy’s life. She is dying from COVID,” he also shared that his other aunt Nida got recovered after several days in hosptial.

Ramirez also shared heartbreaking update that on Wednesday both Lucy and Guillermo died at the weekend and Monday came with more devasting news that brother in law of Ndia’s, Rafael who was a dear friend also passed away. This was also shared by that his another dear friend his Venezuelan Laureano, passed away from the vary virus.

He Wrote ” “At times I feel like it is a nightmare from which I am going to wake up, but I know it is not,” Ramirez, star of such recent projects as Jungle Cruise, Yes Day and The Undoing. “That this is as real as the air that at this moment it is difficult for me to breathe.”

Edgar Ramirez full letter is given below.

His full open letter is below.

Unfortunately the miracle didn’t happen.

After a gruesome agony my aunt Lucy died on Saturday.

And after being stabilized for a few days and in only a matter of hours, my uncle Guillermo collapsed and died on Sunday.

In less than 24 hours, COVID had taken both of their lives. We had not yet collected my aunt’s ashes when we were due to incinerate my uncle’s body.

Then on Monday, still unable to process the shock and the horror from the weekend, we woke up to the news that my Aunt Nidia’s brother in law, Rafael, a dear friend, had also died after months battling with COVID complications.

They all died exactly a month and two days after COVID had taken the life of my grandmother Bertha and 4 months since it took the life of my Venezuelan agent and dear friend Laureano.

My heart can’t just take more pain. I am sad, I am frustrated, I am devastated. It’s been weeks and weeks of my family being played, tortured and jerked around by this cruel, treacherous and violent disease which mercilessly ended up killing them all. I can’t stand this void in my chest, this metallic taste in my mouth, this crippling headache that doesn’t seem to soothe.

These waves of hopelessness that I refuse to let take root in my soul.

None of them had been vaccinated. None had access to a vaccine in Venezuela. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of vaccines are being thrown away in the United States because a large number of people don’t want them. It breaks my heart that so many people in this country are willing to snub the very vaccine my family would have taken in an instant.

As my family and millions of people go through the nightmare of losing their loved ones because there aren’t enough vaccines in the rest of the world, my hope is that anyone who can get vaccinated, do so today.

Don’t do it for yourself. Do it to protect those who are vulnerable, those with immune deficiencies, and all others who can get very sick if infected.

What everyone agrees on is that those who are unvaccinated can carry more of the lethal virus, and can transmit it faster and to more people, than those who got a vaccine.

To get a vaccine is an act of compassion.

I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, regarding COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine.

It was a powerful conversation, full of vital information. Just go to my Instagram feed and you’ll find it next to this post subtitled into Spanish. I hope you get a chance to watch it and share it in your socials.

I also hope this interview can serve as a starting point for a conversation with the people in your life who are hesitant about getting vaccinated. I respectfully invite you to just have the conversation.

Lastly, I encourage you all to follow science and truthful information, and please, please, PLEASE…If you can, GET VACCINATED, so you can help save those around you.