In plain language, the United States, Great Britain and Australia warn citizens in Afghanistan: stay away from Kabul airport. People standing at the gates of the airport are being asked to ‘leave immediately’. Authorities fear for the safety of the evacuees.

The US embassy in Kabul has only one appeal for civilians in Afghanistan: do not come to the capital’s airport.

Safe place away from airport

Last night, the British government already warned about the security situation around the airport, after which the Australian authorities also called on citizens not to come to the airport.

British authorities are calling on people to find a ‘safe place’ away from the airport. 

The reasons for the warnings from the British, Americans and Australians are not known. In recent days, US President Joe Biden has said several times that he fears an attack by the Afghan branch of the terrorist organization IS near the airport.

CNBC also reports on the basis of an anonymous government source that there are “very specific indications” that the terrorist organization IS is planning multiple attacks at the airport. 

The US safety warning states that people should be alert to their surroundings, especially in crowds. They also need to make a plan for emergencies.