Ed Sheeran’s neighbors are getting tired of the star’s incessant work.  

The singer recently bought several properties near his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk, England, and embarked on colossal development to make it a dream home. But his projects have caused concern for the inhabitants of this small isolated town in the British countryside, who believe that all this work could destroy the local fauna. 

The interpreter of Shape of You had tried to reassure everyone by promising to install a natural pond, but a group of residents just complained to the city council that he was actually being built … a natural pool. The presence of a pontoon, a ladder and a cabin would leave no doubt about the intentions of the artist.  

“Now that he has applied for a cabin, a pontoon and a ladder, which have been in place for at least a year, we are worried. Its natural pond looks much more like a swimming pond, “Kenny Cattee wrote, according to WENN.  

“I think the buildings on the site are intended to create an environment conducive to a wild lifestyle, rather than the preservation of wildlife,” said Tony Robinson, another neighbor. 

The authorization prevents the singer from using the equipment for “leisure activities”. As often, Ed Sheeran did not react to the statements of his worried neighbors.