Last year’s fires in Malibu miraculously bypassed the house of the actor, but after a few months the mansion caught up with another natural hazard – landslides.

“The Earth is getting out of the way” – this is exactly how the luxurious mansion of Anthony Hopkins could have said to himself if he were a hero of a Disney cartoon. Recently, the actor began work to strengthen the foundation of the house, which is built on a cliff on the ocean. Torrential rains that hit Malibu after forest fires in early December last year led to soil erosion, and the ground beneath the foundation began to literally crumble onto the sand. 

The rock on which the Hopkins house stands is first strengthened with a tarpaulin, and soon the craftsmen will have to install the anti-tailings. However, the danger of collapse still remains: the actor’s mansion is too close to the edge of the mountain.