Ed Sheeran (29) struggled with food and alcohol at the beginning of his success. The 29-year-old singer suffered from panic attacks, struggled with low self-esteem and took refuge in food and drink.

“I don’t think I’ve seen daylight for about four months”

During his world tour in 2014 and 2015 Ed had a hard time. “I stayed up all night and drank and then I slept on the bus,” the singer recalled during an online meeting about anxiety and mental health, according to the BBC . “The buses were parked under the stadiums and I slept there all day until I woke up, went out, performed and went drinking on the bus again. I don’t think I saw daylight for about four months.”

At first, Ed thought his lifestyle was part of ‘rock and roll’ existence. “And then it gets sad. I think that was my lowest point and I was at my heaviest.”

The singer says he is sensitive to addictions. “I’m covered in tattoos and don’t do anything in half. So when I drink I don’t see a glass of wine. I prefer two bottles. Drinking a glass of wine is doing something in moderation and probably has no effect on the next day. But two bottles of wine will make you a little sad. “

Alcohol wasn’t his only problem. “She used to call me ‘two-dinner Teddy’ because I ordered and ate two meals. But then you gain a lot and hate how you look. I think things like sugar, sweets, junk food, cocaine and alcohol feel good the more you consume it, but they are the worst for you. “

Partly thanks to his wife Cherry, Ed managed to change his life. “She sports a lot so I went running with her. She eats healthy so I eat healthier. She doesn’t drink that much, so I didn’t drink. I think that changed everything.”

Because the singer is more attentive to himself and his health, he decided to take a musical break in 2020 last year. Ed has more rest and uses his extra free time to paint, among other things. “I was like, I better try to find something else that makes me happy. There are also so many movies you can watch and bags of chips to eat.”