Dwyane Johnson never stinted when it comes to gifts. Especially valuable gifts, he likes to give himself – or, more precisely, his understudy. It became known that the actor presented his understudy and stuntman Tanoyu Reed Ford F-150.

Big man – a big pickup, decided Johnson and chose one of the largest machines in the line. This kind of generosity “Rock” shows is not the first time, in 2014, he presented the Ford Edge to his housekeeper. With Tanoyem Duane works already since 2002, when the screens came “The Scorpion King.” Since then, Reed, who, by the way, still has a cousin to the actor, regularly performs in the role of understudy “Rocks” and performs dangerous tricks for him. When Reid, thrice recruited as the best stuntman of the United States, saw his gift, he was incredibly touched and even a little tearful.