About privacy Leon Lourdes ( Lourdes You Leon), the daughter of 59-year-old singer Madonna (Madonna), little is known. Recently the paparazzi managed to shoot a 21-year-old girl on a walk with a young man , which , according to rumors , in Lourdes novel.

Lourdes appeared on the streets of New York with a new hair color , in a short bright dress and sneakers , and her companion in a white T-shirt and trousers.

Madonna fans were delighted for her daughter and noted , that it is more like a father , 52-year-old fitness trainer Carlos Leon , with whom celebrity dating from 1995 to 1997.

Father Lourdes strictly refers to the boyfriends of his daughter. So , in 2013 he made a check against Timothy Shalame , whom the girl met then.

Recall , Lourdes maintains a body-movement , a movement that encourages the body of other people to be what they are. For example , after the mother Lourdes refused to epilation of the armpits.