Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, will play a role in a major drama film for the first time. The actor, who started his career as a wrestler, gets the lead role in a film about MMA fighter Mark Kerr.

The American Kerr is considered a wrestling champion and was also active as an MMA fighter. He was seen at the time as one of the best professional fighters in the world.

Johnson announced the news Friday night during a surprise press conference , Variety writes “Mark Kerr’s story is fantastic,” says the 47-year-old actor, who is also going to produce the film.

“Like everyone else, he experienced dark sides in life. He had problems with addiction and his mental health and experienced the pressure to fight in the presence of 50,000 men in the stake. He survived it all, but The great thing about him is that he has found the courage to stand up and improve his life. “

According to the actor, Kerr is delighted with the arrival of the film about his life. “I think it’s great that he entrusts me with his life story.”

Johnson is best known for action movies and comedies such as Jumanji , the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw and Baywatch. In December he can be seen in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle.