Dwayne Johnson launches its own brand of tequila from Mexico

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is launching its own brand of tequila.

The 47-year-old actor and former wrestler used his Instagram account on Wednesday to present “Teremana Tequila,” his own brand of alcoholic beverages that fans can buy in the first quarter of 2020.

When publishing a photo of him next to the distillery team, he wrote: “The name is official:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you with pride, TEREMANA TEQUILA”

“TERA is meant to represent” Terre, “which means earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us.

“Spirit of the earth. (Sic)”

The actor of ‘Fast and Furious’ continued explaining the process of making the drink and said that the plans for his own brand had been in process for “years.”

He added: “Our goal is to create a tequila that is of the best quality and flavor, but is made in the right way, by hand.

“Artisanal tequila of small batches of our blue agave Teremana, which ripens in the highlands of Jalisco, for all to enjoy.

“After years of hard work, this blessing is really a dream come true, but it is only the beginning and there is much work to be done. I am committed to my team to offer you the best tequila, because quality and legacy are what matters most. ”

“Of all of us here at Distilleria ‘Teremana, we invite you to COME DRINK. The tequila of the people. “#TEREMANA #tequila #ItsAlmostReady # Q12020”

Dwayne follows in the footsteps of people like George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds in creating his own liquor brand, and his label appears only a few months after Jonas Brothers star Nick Jonas revealed his own tequila, called Villa One.