The Dutch designer Daniëlle Cathari will show the clothing line she designed in cooperation with and commissioned by Adidas Originals on February 8 during New York Fashion Week.

Top model and brand ambassador Kendall Jenner gave her personal approval for the designs of Cathari, reports

“We immediately had a click when we met,” Jenner told the fashion magazine. “Our creative styles are very similar: the colors, contrasts and the use of vintage materials fit very well with my style, and I was immediately inspired by her work.”

The other way around, Cathari is also impressed by Jenner: “It is not someone who is afraid to show her individuality and I think that’s great.” I see a lot of my own style in the way she mixes clothes together. her does not feel like working, but more like hanging out with a friend with whom I can talk about fashion. ”

The Dutch already showed at the New York Fashion Week, when she was still a fashion student at the AMFI. She participated in a competition, was chosen to participate, and so Cathari showed her designs, some ‘cut-up’ Adidas tracksuits, on the VFILES catwalk. And with success, because the fashion label immediately contacted her and invited her at the head office in Germany to come and talk about a collaboration.