The actress sat at the negotiating table as part of the Hollywood Reporter project.

81-year-old Jane Fonda shot for the cover of the new issue of the Hollywood Reporter along with six actresses, including Natasha Lyonne and Regina Hall, and sat at a round table for frank dialogue. The actress considered it important to speak on the topic of “sexual education”, which takes place at any age.

Modern culture does not like when women with wrinkles talk about sex. Just as children do not like to think that their parents “do it.” But the fastest growing demographics in the world are older women.And romantic films with older people give them hope. When I was a little over forty, I said that I wanted to bring the look of an old woman into culture. Now they come to me and say: “Thank you, I see that there is something ahead.” 

Meanwhile, answering the question about the explicit scenes in the movie, Jane said that she would hardly be undressed in front of the camera. 

In her quest to bring beauty to the world, Jane does not stop age. She recently released her first collection of sportswear with the company Evine Live Inc and starred in the first advertising campaign, trying on a fitting sweatsuit. The collection includes 25 items of clothing – T-shirts, sports bras, leggings and T-shirts. It is reported that Jane Fonda personally participated in the development of each collection item, and in the future she also plans to produce health and nutrition products and various fitness equipment under the brand name.