The prolonged crisis caused by Covid-19 has caused a financial crisis that has forced layoffs.

Disney has announced that it will lay off at least 28,000 workers from its theme park payroll, due to the financial crisis caused by the Covis-19 pandemic.

The closure for more than six months at its Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida parks has had a tremendous impact on its finances.

The company reported that the measure will affect workers at theme parks in Florida and California.

Recently the mayors of Anaheim, Buena Park and Orange Grove in Orange County, where the park facilities are located, asked the governor to establish the protocol for the reopening of these facilities due to the great employment crisis in the area. from Southern California.

The company had plans to open its California parks last July, but a wave of coronavirus cases canceled its plans. However, its parks in Florida and other parts of the world are operating with reduced capacity.