The documentary about Rihanna will be released within two months. Director Peter Berg has let Rolling Stone know that.


Berg announced in April 2016 the film, about how the 28-year-old singer has become a global icon. Berg is no stranger to Rihanna, in 2012 she made her acting debut in the Battleship directed by him .

“I think she is an extraordinary young woman.The film is an extensive profile about how she develops her special talent, it is about work ethic, talent, happiness, pressure and vision,” says Berg in Rolling Stone . “She is really a very interesting woman and we can show the result in about one and a half to two months.”

Rihanna himself is reportedly working with director Hiro Murai in Cuba on a film project called ‘ Guava Island ‘. Photos of the set include Donald Glover. Actor and rapper Glover will also perform at Rihanna’s upcoming Diamond Ball fund raising concert.