Priyanka says she was terrified of her attitude towards actresses, but it taught her to be herself.

In a new interview with the Metro newspaper, Priyanka Chopra admitted that at the beginning of her career “she did not know how to stand up for herself” and heard a lot of unpleasant comments and bad advice from those with whom she worked.

Priyanka became famous after winning the Miss World 2000 pageant, after which she got into Bollywood. Once the director, with whom Chopra was going to work, advised her to enlarge her breasts in order to achieve success in the cinema.

“He asked me to stand up and spin in front of him. Then he looked at me for a long time, evaluated and eventually said that I needed to fix my jaw, enlarge my chest and work on the volume of the hips. He stated: “If you want to be an actress, you need good proportions.” He even advised me on a doctor in Los Angeles. And my manager agreed with him. It all seemed so normal, “Priyanka shared.

“I felt helpless and small and thought I wasn’t made for this kind of work at all. This was at the beginning of my career. Then I refused to work and did not explain why. I didn’t have the courage to stand up for myself. They often said to me: “Come on, you’re new to the industry.” I understood this, but I always considered myself a very smart and forward-looking girl. This experience helped me understand a lot. But then I was terrified, ”said the actress.

Earlier, Priyanka talked about her school years in America. According to the actress, teens bullied her because of her skin color. “Hey brownie, go back to your country! Leave on your elephant, on which you came. ” I took it too personally. It was eating away at me from the inside. I locked myself in my sink and thought, “Don’t look at me. I am not. ” There was no trace of self-confidence, although before that I was pretty confident. In America, I stopped understanding who I am, “- said Chopra.

Unable to withstand the bullying, young Priyanka decided to return to her homeland. And at home everything fell into place. “When I returned to India, I was surrounded by love. People admired who I was. It healed me after my experience in an American school. In the USA I tried not to be different from others. I tried to fit in and be invisible. And in India I decided to be different and be myself, ”said the actress.