The star has learned how to properly apply makeup.

American supermodel Gigi Hadid is considered one of the most beautiful women of our time. However, not everyone believes that Gigi owes her beauty to nature, and not to plastic surgeons. On the Web, then there are collections with photos of a celebrity, where she was allegedly captured before she decided on various surgical interventions in order to improve her appearance, and, accordingly, after that.

Probably, Gigi Hadid was tired of such suspicions in her address, so she decided to tell what, in fact, lies the secret of her charm. It turned out that it was not plastic at all, but skillfully applied makeup.

So, the star shot a video for the world famous fashion magazine Vogue, where she appeared before the audience without makeup. Then she proceeded to apply makeup, along the way talking about how he is able to transform her.

“Looking back, I remember the time when I didn’t have makeup artists yet. Of course, then I painted myself. Now people find photos of those years and say: “Oh, Gigi’s nose was much larger than it is now!”. But I never did anything to my face. It’s all the power of makeup! ” – assures the model.

Hadid admitted that over the years of work in the fashion industry, she was able to learn a little about the art of makeup. For example, she understood what facial sculpting is and how to use bronzer correctly. Now, in everyday makeup, she certainly uses the knowledge gained, and therefore looks as if she just stepped off the next magazine cover.