A school community for children from underprivileged families can count on a large sum of money from Sean Combs. Diddy promised a million to Capital Preparatory Schools Tuesday for a new location in the Bronx in New York.

The institute offers free education to pupils in primary and secondary school age. Since the establishment of the schools, according to the board, one hundred percent of the students went to study, reports Variety.

The school already has a branch in Harlem, where Diddy himself comes from. “I come from the same circumstances in which these kids live every day”, the musician said in a statement. “I understand how important it is to have access to good education. This school gives students with fewer opportunities the knowledge to become responsible and committed citizens. We teach the children not only to read and write, we also teach them how to make a difference and enable them to become the leaders of a new generation. ”

It is not the first time that Diddy puts money into education. In 2016 he founded the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund, a scholarship with which students who can not afford it can still go to Harvard.