The British police caused a stir on social media on Tuesday by placing an image of an unknown man who committed a theft in a restaurant in the British city of Blackpool. The thief looks like two drops of water on Ross Geller, the character played by actor David Schwimmer from the old hit series Friends.

The photo quickly led to a deluge of reactions on Twitter, reports BBC. Many thousands of people linked well-known statements from the iconic series to the suspect. “Is it on a break?”, Asked one of the fans who posted a post. Also several times the title song of the series was cited. “I do not think it’s this guy’s day, his week, his month or even his year”, someone wrote.


A Scottish police force also responded and warned that the man “studied karate and specialized in the art of Unagi”. These are two things that Ross deals with in one of the later seasons, to the great hilarity of his friends.

The Blackpool police responded a few hours later with the announcement that it had been confirmed that David Schwimmer was not in the United Kingdom at the time of the theft.