It’s a crazy rumor that has just unveiled the ” National Enquirer “. According to the British tabloid, Kim Jong-un is a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston , to the point of trying to get her kidnapped! The newspaper reveals that the North Korean dictator would watch “Friends” episodes in a loop, and that he would have used former KGB agents to follow Jennifer Aniston on a trip to Paris last spring in the purpose of removing it. The “National Enquirer” even adds that following the failure of this kidnapping attempt, Kim Jong-unallegedly carried out a series of executions. Contacted by the website “Gossip Cop”, the CIA preferred to laugh at these rumors. Indeed, this is not the first time that the tabloid reveals false information about Jennifer Aniston.
However, if the idea of ​​kidnapping a superstar seems absurd, it has yet indeed occurred in the past. In 1978, Choi Eun-hee, a famous South Korean actress, is kidnapped and taken to North Korea for Kim Jong-il, son of dictator Kim Il-sung and father of the current dictator. A few months later, South Korean director Shin Sang-ok, the ex-husband of the actress, was kidnapped. Kim Jong-il, who loves their films, dreams of shining the North Korean cinema and orders them to shoot together. After shooting several films, Kim Jong-il allows them to shoot abroad. In 1986, while filming in Vienna, Shin and Choi managed to escape and took refuge at the US embassy, ​​where they sought political asylum.