42-year-old Diana Kruger accepts congratulations: the actress and her boyfriend, the stars of the Walking Dead, Norman Reedus, the first common child was born.

The information that Kruger first became a mother, an insider told us Us Weekly. For Diana, this is the firstborn (whose sex, name, and even the date of birth, nobody has yet been able to find out), but the 49-year-old Norman has one child – an 18-year-old son from relations with supermodel Helena Christensen.

Officially, Diana and Norman, in contrast to their show business colleagues, never announced the upcoming addition, and the actress found out about pregnancy only in mid-August, when the obviously pregnant Kruger did catch the paparazzi – the rumors that the actress was waiting baby, appeared back in may. Diana and Norman started dating in March 2017, having met before this on the set of the film in 2015, and saved their debut as a couple for the red carpet of the Golden Globe in January 2018.