Actress Felicity Huffman (56) has been sentenced to 14 days in jail for bribing a university employee so that her daughter would be admitted. Dozens of people have been charged with the same type of fraud. Huffman was the first to be convicted.

She paid $ 15,000 (€ 13,500) so that all the wrong answers to her daughter’s admission test were corrected. The prosecutor had demanded a month in jail and a fine of $ 20,000. “She should receive a prison sentence for what she did. She did this on purpose. “

he actress previously admitted everything to the judge. She said she regretted her actions on Friday and called it the biggest mistake of her life. In a letter to the judge she writes that she made the decision because her daughter got low marks for math. “I was desperate and thought a good mother should do this to give her daughter a fair chance.”

Her husband and actor William H. Macy was present in the room. He was not charged because it was not possible to determine whether he was aware of what his wife was doing.

Actress Lori Loughlin is also accused of bribing university staff. She would have paid $ 500,000 so that her two children were admitted to the University of South California.