At the end of the month, Demi Moore’s autobiographical book Inside Out will go on sale. In it, the 56-year-old actress reveals unknown details of her personal life and recalls a marriage with Ashton Kutcher.

Relations with him were like a time travel: I could return to the past and experience how it feels to be young. And with Ashton, I really felt young — even more than when I was twenty,

”the actress writes in her book .

Demi also talks about how she survived a miscarriage: she and Kutcher were preparing for the birth of a daughter, whom they wanted to call Chaplin Ray, but the fetus died in the womb at the sixth month of pregnancy. After this accident, Moore began to abuse alcohol and the powerful drug Vicodin – all this happened even before she found out that Ashton was cheating on her.

Spouses broke up in 2011, and in 2012 Demi went to the clinic with an overdose – during the party, the actress smoked a lot of synthetic marijuana and went too far with inhaling nitric oxide, the “laughing gas”.

Demi Moore’s memoir book Inside Out will go on sale September 24th.