Denys Arcand announced Thursday morning that the title of his new film will no longer The triumph of money, as announced for months, but the fall of the American empire.

“When I saw the montage of the images, I found that my old title did not correspond to what I had shot. What I saw was more touching and softer, “he told Paul Arcand’s microphone.

The director explained that Quebec is directly affected by the long agony of the American giant. “It’s fundamental for us. And my job is to describe the time I live in. ”

The film, starring Alexandre Landry, Marie-Pierre Morin and Louis Morissette, will be on June 28.

The fall of the American empire tells the story of Pierre-Paul Daoust, single and lonely, who holds a doctorate in philosophy from McGill. By going to deliver a parcel in a pseudo-shop of women’s clothes, it falls on a scene of armed robbery which went wrong: two deaths. He finds himself in front of two sports bags filled with banknotes. He is then faced with a dilemma: to go with the money bags or not?

“I make films by trying, in my own way, to obey the age-old order: to give a mirror to life and time. Even in the most remote corners of our planet, we are all subjects of the American empire. This empire is dying and its convulsions touch us brutally. Those who put all their hopes in the departure of Trump, forget that after Caligula came Nero, and three centuries of inexorable disintegration, “wrote the director in a statement announcing the release of the” pre-trailer “of his new film.

“We in Canada live comfortably under the umbrella of” pax americana “, but the moral decay of the empire is beginning to infect us. The omnipotence of money is one of the symptoms. Will we find antibiotics powerful enough to fight this gangrene? “