The singer checked into a famous rehabilitation center in Utah and celebrates a new stage in her life …

Demi Lovato has already returned home after spending a few days in rehab for a period of treatment, according to the New York Post.

Last month, the 29-year-old singer spoke about abandoning the ‘sober California’ lifestyle, which means she might drink and smoke marijuana from time to time.

But that no longer worked for the artist and she decided to seek help, stating that being sober was her only option.

Lovato checked into a famous Utah rehab facility and, according to sources, “is doing well.”

“She has now returned home and is fine,” the source said, although no further details were given about her decision.

Demi made headlines just a few weeks ago when she shaved her head and debuted the new look on Christmas Eve.

The singer celebrated her new stage with a new tattoo. He further shaved his hair and got a huge spider tattooed on his side.

The tattoo took just 35 minutes to complete.



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