While X-Men Dark Phoenix has been pushed back in the summer of 2019, Marvel’s wildest hero could give his fans a Christmas surprise.

At the time of the internet, it is very difficult to keep the secret around a cinematographic project. However, Fox has announced that a new film Deadpool will be released on December 21 in the United States. It may well be that the super-hero has been a little relaxed, because the feature film should be only “PG-13”, ie less violent than the two out before.

Little information circulated, but Ryan Reynolds gave a clue by posting a cliché on his social networks. On the latter, we can see Deadpool telling a Christmas tale to Fred Savage. An amusing tribute to Rob Reiner’s Princess Bride, released in 1987, where Peter Falk was already reading a story to young Savage.

We do not know exactly if it will be a brand new movie. Some rumors evoke a work mixing the first two films, while removing the most daring or violent parts. An idea that could certainly make the films available to a larger number, but might make them lose some of their interest.

Anyway, this release has something to worry Warner Bros and Paramount, who will leave Aquaman and Bumblebee on the same day.