The radio station BBC Radio 4 made its list of the 20 most influential women in the music industry, which, predictably, led Beyoncé.

The singer was noted not only for sales of her albums or numerous music awards, but also for the influence that Beyonce has on modern society – the singer is actively fighting for the rights of black Americans and women.

“Silver” ranking BBC experts gave to Taylor Swift for nothing, not fighting, and closed the top three Vanessa Reed, who heads the copyright society PRS for Music.


The list of the 20 most influential representatives of the music industry is as follows:

1. Beyonce

2. Taylor Swift

3. Vanessa Reed

4. Adele

5. Stacey Tang (RCA Records)

6. Gillian Moore (music director of the sites of the Southbank Center)

7. Rebecca Allen (head of the record company Decca Records)

8. Marin Alson (conductor and violinist)

9. Chi-chi Nwonaku (double bass player)

10. Maggie Crowe (Director of Events at BPI, British Phonographic Association)

11. Olga Fitzroy (sound engineer)

12. Annie Mack (DJ and TV presenter)

13. Desire Perez (the executive director of the label Roc Nation)

14. Cardi Bee

15. This

16. Elli Roussel (Wolf Alice)

17. Sarah Stennett (founder of First Access Entertainment)

18. Nicola Benedetti (violinist)

19. Hattie Collins (journalist)

20. Dua Lipa