But who’s going to play her?

Wonder Woman once and for all has shown that female superheroes can sell tickets, so in addition to Batgirl  , Warner Bros. Now also officially developing a Supergirl movie.

Superman’s female counterpart must, according to Deadline, be written by Oren Uziel, who has previously been behind comedy 22 Jump Street  and the science fiction ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’.

The project is currently on. at a very early stage, but persistent rumors say that DC and Warner Bros. is about to reboot their superhero universe, pt. include movies like Man of Steel,  Wonder Woman  and Justice League, as well as the forthcoming Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984 .

The new strategy comes from the producer Walter Hamada and will offer alternative films like Shazam! , ‘Birds of Prey’ with Margot Robbie, Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ and Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker . We can expect a different, less bleak version of the DC gallery than the one that was launched by Zack Snyder.

A Superman sequel might also be on the way to Matthew “Kingsman” Vaughn in the instructor’s chair, but before this would be obvious, if you incorporated the steelman in the Supergirl movie, paving the way for a fresh angle on Henry Cavill’s whole.