David Beckham (44) made a very touching statement about his great love, Victoria Beckham (45) during an interview with Jimmy Fallon (45). The couple met twenty years ago, but he still has a memory of that particular moment.

“She went by train that day, so she wrote her number on a train ticket”

The retired professional footballer told about the first times he saw Victoria. “She came to watch a match of mine in London with her manager and another Spice Girl,” he says about the first time he saw her. “Everyone on our team had his favorite Spice Girl and mine was of course Victoria. It would be weird if it wasn’t,” David jokes.

That evening it didn’t even come to a conversation between the two. But a week later it happened. After a game in Manchester, they started talking. “We talked for an hour in the players’ lounge,” says David. “Victoria had a few drinks, so I tried to get her number. She went by train that day, so she wrote her number on that train ticket. And I still have it!” says a beaming David.

David is very happy with his letter, which means a lot to him. “After having raised twenty years and four children together, things are still going well between us.”