Rumer (31) and Tallulah Willis (25) have spoken about the drinking of their mother Demi Moore (56). In her memoir Inside Out the actress writes about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher (41) and the moment that Demi grabbed the bottle again. Mother and daughters tell their story in conversation with Red Table Talk.

“Then followed the years in which she said she was sober, but we just couldn’t believe her”

Tallulah was only nine years old when her mother got involved with Ashton Kutcher in 2003. At the time, Demi had been sober for twenty years. Previously she had an alcohol problem. Still, she started drinking again during her relationship with Ashton.

Demi explains that Ashton did not really believe in an alcohol problem, but that, according to him, it was more about being able to contain yourself. It started with Demi with a few drinks, but soon it all went wrong.

It was a difficult period for her daughters. The now 25-year-old Tallulah says: “I was nine when she had a relapse and no one in the family spoke about it. I had no idea what was going on. She was sober all my life and suddenly she started drinking. ”The daughter of Demi and Bruce Willis was constantly scared. “Then came the years in which she said she was sober, but we just couldn’t believe her. All the adults around us stood up for her, to protect us. ”They also lied that Demi was sober, while it wasn’t. “That meant there was no trust.”

During Demi’s relationship with Ashton, the actress suffered a miscarriage. She had already been pregnant for six months and she was unable to get pregnant afterwards. “The guilt I felt then …”, Demi begins. “That it was really my fault.”

Daughter Rumer finds it difficult to look back on this time. “When she wanted another baby and it didn’t work out, I felt like we were not enough.” The eldest daughter left the house. “After the miscarriage, I just thought: why do you so badly want another child? I couldn’t handle the idea. “

Later, Rumer felt that she had been far too strict for her mother. When she saw the pictures of her mother with the enormous baby belly, she only realized how numb she had actually been.

The entire conversation in  Red Table Talk is shown below.