The Game of Thrones may end, but the love between Khal Drogo and Daenerys is not. Recently, Jason Momoa admitted that his every visit to London does not do without meetings with his on-screen wife.

Emilia Clarke attended the Graham Norton show last week. Jason also looked at the program to say hello to the actress, to whom he rushed to the first thing, ignoring the other guests. Momoa said that during his visits to London, meeting with Emilia was always a priority for him.

Every time I come to England, I call her,

– shared the actor. Recall that Jason himself lives in Los Angeles.

The pastime continued the next day, when Clark gathered her family and all her friends to celebrate her 33rd birthday. Judging by the pictures, he visited Emilia not only Momoa. On Saturday, the actress posted on Instagram a cute shot in which they hug with Jason and Keith Harington, who plays John Snow.

Happy birthday, darling. I’m so glad I could see you

– wrote Momoa in the comments.

Jason and Emilia have a very warm relationship. In an interview, the actor said that they became very friends during the filming. He is not shy and often writes to Clark that he loves her. But these are exceptionally friendly feelings. The actor himself is happy in marriage with Lisa Bonet, so the love between Jason and Emilia exists only within the framework of the series.