Everyone draws inspiration for Halloween costumes from various sources. For example, Tallulah Willis remembered one of her father’s famous roles in the movie The Fifth Element and decided to repeat the image of the alien Lila.

The daughter of Bruce Willis demonstrated her candid outfit on Instagram. On the occasion of Halloween, Tallulah turned into one of the most famous images of Milla Jovovich. In the picture, Willis poses against a wall. Her body is surrounded by several thin white ribbons that repeat one of Lilu’s costumes. A red wig on Tallula’s head completes the picture. He really was very similar to Jovovich’s hair color from the movie.

Hay Act Gamat,

– such famous words Lilu signed a picture of Willis. Recall that the language spoken by the alien was coined by director Luc Besson and supplemented by Milla Jovovich herself.

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Seno Akta Gamat

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Fans of the film and Tallulah were delighted with the new shot. “The best outfit you can imagine,” “Awesome costume,” Willis subscribers praised. Many noted that a reference to the role of Bruce is a great idea.

Recall that Bruce Willis is a happy father raising five daughters. Three gave birth to the actor Demi Moore, and two more girls gave him Emma Hamming. Bruce is in a good relationship with his ex-wife, so all daughters can rightfully be proud of their dad.