The actress, who does not drive, was helped by her neighbors to get safe at 03:00 am along with her four pets.

Actress Kate Beckinsale paid tribute to her neighbors who helped the actress and her pets evacuate her home in Los Angeles at 3 in the morning when forest fires threatened her property.

The Farming actress revealed that she had been rescued by her kind neighbors, who remembered that she could not drive, in the early hours of Tuesday (October 29). And they helped the star born in Britain, and their pets to be safe.

“We’re safe. Thank you very much to everyone who helped, ”Kate posted in a note on Instagram. “Love and hope for all who left their home at 3 in the morning to this, love and admiration to @ losangelesfiredepartment and, above all, to David and Dorothy who did not need to remember in the middle of the night that I can drive, but they did it.

“And to all who have offered me a place to stay even though I roll with four animals, including an epileptic cat.”

A forest fire swept the Los Angeles hills near the J Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood after strong winds in the area on Monday, destroying several houses and forcing basketball star LeBron James, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and thousands of other residents to evacuate.

Schwarzenegger was preparing for the Hollywood premiere of his new movie Terminator: Dark Fate on Monday night when he was forced to leave his home. The premiere was subsequently canceled by filmmakers.