Fans of hardcore games will be happy to know that after a slight delay in ignition, the Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered will be released on October 19 (the day before in Japan) .

This remaster, already available on Xbox One, PC and PS4, brings many improvements to the original title of From Software, including the management of the 60 FPS, textures of better qualities, as well as several gameplay changes. In our PS4 / One remaster test , we explained that “the power of the current consoles gives Dark Souls the fluidity it has always needed. “

The Switch version, but it will keep the multi mode up to six players, and will be displayed in 1080p on a TV, and 720p in mobile. The framerate should not exceed 30 FPS.

In addition, a friend Solarius of Astora will be released at the same time. This figurine will allow you to “rent the sun at will” , just that!