48-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones and 73-year-old Michael Douglas remain together despite all the obstacles in their life. Today, the actress shared a photo with her husband in Instagram and once again proved that love does not live for three years, but much longer!

Almost 18 years with my beloved,

 She signed the post.

The past few years have proved difficult for the couple. There were rumors in the press that they were getting divorced, and the actor himself claimed that he could no longer tolerate the bouts of depression his wife was suffering from. In April 2011, it became known about the diagnosis, delivered by Catherine.

She had to undergo treatment for bipolar disorder . But, unfortunately, mood swings only increased after that. This led to the fact that the couple put their relationship on hold in August 2013. A few months later they were reunited.

In addition, there were problems from surrounding people – the daughter of the actors Caris admitted that she was being molested at school because of the 25 years of age difference between her father and mother.